the art of project bidding

Why is there always a satisfaction involved in finishing a project instead of merely working constantly for a boss, day in and day out? Is it just me or is it a form of mental evolution?

Case in point: When potential clients ask for a project that involves long term employment, such as working as a journalist, they don’t usually get a lot of bids or proposals. On the other hand, when they are deadline-specific, for example, a project that requires a writer to create 10 marketing articles for a website, they get a billion proposals. Commitment is no longer a way of life. Today, the word “freelance” rules.

My suggestion to companies or small business owners hiring is to be deadline-specific with their projects. Even when the lure of long-term employment is tempting to many writers and editors, freedom to many of them is still something that weighs heavier than a pocketful of cash.