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Shigeru Miyamoto is Nintendo’s Wii-nning Secret

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To succeed in the videogaming industry, you need only one thing: a desire to create fun. At least, in Shigeru Miyamoto’s world, this guiding principle works. Miyamoto has been responsible for Nintendo’s universal fame and fortune when he conceptualized the Jump Man in Donkey Kong back in the 1980s. The Jump Man is the character we now love so well — Mario.

Miyamoto is an admirable character himself for a lot of reasons. He held up production of certain games just because they aren’t perfect enough for people to play. He split ways with Nintendo’s competitors because he believed playing videogames should bring smiles to people’s faces, and that everyone can play them. On the other hand, Microsoft and Sony focused on the more hardcore aspect of videogaming.If you still have any doubts, here’s a fact: the Nintendo Wii outsold the Xbox 360 and PS3 this year and is predicted to keep on selling like hotcakes even way past the holiday season.

Nintendo is an entirely different breed of game manufacturer. Like its celebrated gaming designer, it fires up interest not because of hype, but because it endears itself to people. And what could be more endearing than a Miyamoto quirk? The guy behind Nintendo’s success rarely played video games and doesn’t drive a BMW. Instead, he rides his bicycle to work.


Ecommerce Merchant Account Tip: Who lives where?

Posted December 12, 2007 by powermerchant

Why No to P.O. Boxes?
Trying to guess a customer’s identity after it’s already been confirmed by the anti-fraud detection tools that it is a legitimate buyer is a pain in the neck, not to mention insomnia-inducing. But when you finally give in and tell yourself that the security tools work, will you sit back and fall asleep with peace of mind?

I bet the paranoid among you won’t.

But just because you are doing your best to make all transactions secure and legitimate doesn’t mean you need psychiatric help. For business involving credit card transactions, especially with products considered “high risk”, take the final step towards security using the following shipping checklist:
1. Make sure the billing and shipping addresses match.

2. Ask for a complete street address for delivery instead of a P.O. box.
3. Have the addressee sign the paper with corresponding I.D. upon accepting the package.
Your customers should be aware of your shipping policies as soon as they click on the buy button on your shopping cart system. That will back you up in case of disputes and claims. Now you can lay back and sleep like a baby!


Renting DVDs via Ecommerce Store – Who’s Counting the Catalog?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Despite varying opinions that going to the movie theaters is better than renting DVDs through an ecommerce store, or downloading movies on the TiVo or mobile devices, online movie rental has a big market to exploit. People from anywhere in the world love to watch movies now more than ever.

There’s no right or wrong occasion to sell. It’s safe to say though that you should market aggressively during the season of the year when people would rather stay indoors than plow through the snow and mud to see a comedy flick.

Although movie rental ecommerce stores such as as scattered all over the U.S. and can ship DVDs almost at any state, a lot of online DVD rentals still don’t have their own warehouses but merely dropship from a major distributor. Does it matter? The point is to provide customer convenience as part of the business concept.

Expand your DVD catalog. I am still disappointed, from a consumer point of view, that although ecommerce stores such as ship DVD titles pretty efficiently and handle exchanges well, I still have to look elsewhere for other titles I cannot find in their catalog.