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Crusade Catholic Stores

Need bibles, books, gifts, jewelry, music & movies and other religious products &
services? Crusade Catholic store in San Juan Capistrano , Orange County offers them all
& more. Call up for inquiries or simply visit their website to find the latest magazine
issues & religious books on sale.

A Always Around Notary

San Juan Capistrano is fraught with gift delivery services, mobile service, and loan
services at competitive rates for your occasion's needs. A Always Around Notary is a
good place to start in Orange County . Make phone inquiries about their services offers
via the number listed here.

Ali-Paws All Breed Grooming

They say don't spoil your pets too much! Dog grooming can be a complicated process
but the love for your pet cannot be compromised. Ali-Paws All Breed Grooming lets you
give the best to your pets with their dog and cat grooming services. Terriers & Mixed
Breeds are among their specialties.

B & C Burgers

Burger chains in Placentia , Orange County are a dime a dozen. You can check out the
little chains such as B & C Burgers if you're into stop-overs & not-too-glam meals.
Strategically located in North Placentia Avenue so it will be hard to miss it.

Carl's Jr

The Six Dollar Burger is Carl's Jr.'s latest menu superstar, but of course the fast food
chain is always known for its handsome array of breakfast, charbroiled burgers,
sandwiches, salads, side dishes, desserts, & drinks. Serves fresh food in various parts of
the world, with an outlet in Placentia , Orange County as well. Carl's Jr. lets you
customize your own burger (see website).

Consignment Alley

Consignment Alley is not just about jewelry. The outlet located in Placentia , Orange
County also specializes in products such as imported antiques, gold, diamonds, vintage
jewelry, & other specialty items. Designers will find great deals by calling up or visiting
the website for more information.

El Torito Mexican Restaurant

Savor the authentic Mexican cuisine at El Torito Mexican Restaurant in Placentia ,
Orange County . Tamales, avocados, salsa, and guacamole are the freshest you can ever
get anytime of the day. Drop by or check out the website for the delectable menu & other
meal offers.


Formica covers the world in style. An outlet in Placentia , Orange County makes it
easier for customers to drop by & find out Formica's latest surfacing product offers.
Website catalog gives a list of laminate, metal, veneer, stone, & solid surfacing grades,
finishes, & colors for all your surface design & protection needs.

5 Star Video

Love flicks? Whatever your choice of title maybe, 5 Star Video in Placentia , Orange
County will let you take your pick at reasonable prices. It may not be your colossal
blockbuster store but you might just get the favorite rare titles here. Call up for