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automotive blogging sample car sales blogging sample
sample: car sales blogging

sample: car sales blogging

automotive blogging sample car sales blogging sample
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Product Description

The Finest 2007 JE Design Volkswagen EOS  

First time I saw the JE Design, my carnal desires to hold muscle wheels have gripped me once again. I’m just not the type who likes the flashy bling-bling – call me a low-profile insured roadster, if you will. This German Volkswagen that rips the road is simply the type of car I’d be proud to show my mama, my girlfriend, and perhaps the entire womankind. The car just oozes with style and performance, it’s almost unbeatably sporty.

Features That Rock

Damn, that sleek diggety-dank dashboard! If you want to check it out like I did, go to the Serious Wheels website and take a peek at what’s making me itch. The JE Design package comes with front spoiler, blade included, the omnipresent but masterfully crafted rear wing (comes with rear apron), some nasty-looking headlight screens, and sidesills that come with clean air inlets. I’d say it’s the bomb. But of course, it won’t be called a muscle car if its performance doesn’t cut to your supersonic expectations.

More Than Just a Looker

Problem whether to use a gasoline or a diesel engine? It’s almost unlikely that the JE Design will fail you. ‘Course there are lots of superb-looking cars out there (as for example, the 2006 Alfa Romeo Spix Concept by Creatix or the 2003 LotusType 119B, anyone?) but I need a more sedate way to show off. Within 7 seconds, you’re scrunching your tires at 62 mph, breaking the record of ex-version 7.8 seconds. This is so sleek, I almost forgot that the coilover suspensions reach a 35-65 mm adjustment rage.
Sunday, May 6. 2007