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matchmaking articles relationship articles relationship blogging romance blogging sample dating blogging
sample: dating blogging, romance blogging, relationship blogging, relationship articles, matchmaking articles

sample: dating blogging, romance blogging, relationship blogging, relationship articles, matchmaking articles

matchmaking articles relationship articles relationship blogging romance blogging sample dating blogging
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The Challenges of Adult Cyber-Dating

It was a decade and a half ago since we last saw men and women leaving their apartments on a Saturday night to meet and date. Of course, they still date, but the techniques of flirting and picking each other up have become more elaborate. The Internet has made it possible. Now people just join dating sites, create dating profiles, post pictures, log on to chatrooms, be the anonymous Joe Blows and Jane Does, and their sexual lives are instantly fired up. Hey, it’s no joke! The Internet has dramatically changed the way dating has been since the last decade.

Some guys rely on profiles that they post so the girl who finds him interesting can ring them up or send him email. Then, if the profile gives a “I’m Online Now” notice, you end up chatting with that girl. This is one of the easiest cyber dating techniques. However, because it is possible to be anonymous on the web, unless you use a webcam, other people may not know who you are. This is an open gate for anonymity. Some people prefer to be anonymous in order to become who they really are in the chatrooms. Believe it or not, people are true to themselves if their identities are hidden.

The challenge of internet dating goes like this: Because any boy from any corner of the world can contact any girl wherever she is, it is possible to meet anyone regardless of his race, religion or social status. How big the dating arena is! To meet such a challenge, you have to define whether you’d want to meet a girl that lives in town or someone that lives in another country. The narrower your choice, the more likely you are going to meet a person you’d feel comfortable with. You’ll have more common ground to tread on.

Another challenge posed by the era of internet dating is your purpose. The term coined by habitual online flirts “cyber cruising” is an apt term for what you do online to meet as many people as possible and pick up someone who appeals to you. Instead of driving down the boulevard in search of scantily-clad women waiting for dates or simply hanging out in the bars, you can cyber-cruise and find them online to pick them up. Admit it or not, people log on to chatrooms in search for sex partners. If both of them agree, they will meet in person and have sex. If they do not want to meet in person but are simply feeling hot, they chat and sexually pleasure themselves in the process. Unlike phone sex, cyber-cruising puts you on a more advantageous position of real time (but still very virtual) sex rendezvous.

If anything, the virtual world has only made people more sexually free than ever. It has been a known fact that whatever man invents, man will exploit it at whatever cost. Although not everyone exploits the internet to meet people or find dates, the accessibility and the relative inexpensiveness of this method is difficult to take for granted. This is the reason why cyber dating is so popular, and why men and women from all over the world are in it.

Pick-Up Lines: Do They Work?

I know a guy who doesn’t use any pick-up lines at all, says he is shy with women, but is in fact getting them by the dozen without considerable effort. How does he do it? And why does it seem as though women feel even more nauseated with men try to use pick-up lines on them? According to studies, saying a mere “hi” is the best pick-up line of all. Don’t mistake it with just a simple greeting, because body language also plays a role. The way you say something, your tone, your accompanying gestures, also determine whether a girl will sneer at you for being corny or smile because you were being sincere. Saying “hi” is not as simple as it seems. When you say hi to a girl and you have a goal of picking her up, you have to let it go at the start and leave time for the next encounter.

What if a second encounter is not possible? And what if your saying “hi” did not merit even a smile from her? Let’s go back to my friend who takes it rather easily when approaching women. Here’s the first tip: Don’t expect too much from a first greeting. If you do greet, make sure that you are merely commenting on something relevant such as “Did you like the band?” when you are in a public concert or at a special gathering. If she was in a bubbly mood, take the opportunity to be friendly. Otherwise, just be observant.

Now the occasion rises when you meet this girl who is so stunning, sexy and is just about the kind of girl any guy would go crazy for. But you know that you can’t just tell her how you are so attracted to her even at first glance. In fact, the moment you even show that you are so dying to have sex with her, she’ll immediately be turned off and start walking away. The best pick up line is when you are not approaching her like a drooling hound. Control your impulses and show your interest in a very subtle way. Women are different than men: this is a fact. Women are easily turned off by men who just make passes at them instead of merely trying to be friendly.

The degree to how women perceive you when trying to pick them up depends on many things: your looks, your manners, and above all, your communication skills. Men who know how to talk are gifted–they don’t have to act smooth because natural conversation comes to them when they are with women. That is my friend’s number one ability. He doesn’t even have to try hard, because he can turn women on by understanding their level of “cool”. Women like sex as much as men do, but most men just don’t know how to make it less vulgar-sounding.

Some of the worst pick-up lines you shouldn’t even try are these: “Am I dead,  Angel, ’cause this must be heaven!” or “I hope you know CPR, cos you take my breath away!” Probably the worst is, “Have we met before?” Avoid pick-up lines that have been heard by the entire womankind and have made them retch. Be real and that’s how you will be appreciated for your effort of friendliness. Don’t even try to research and memorize them. If you want girls to talk to you when you approach them, make it natural. In fact, confessing to a girl that you were nervous and loss for words works even better than a real pick-up line!

No Photo? No Date!
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a photo if you were going to date a guy or a girl. I mean, schmeeves, dudes. What’s a profile for if it doesn’t have a photo? The last sin you’ll ever commit at pre-dating stage is to eat out with a total no-name-face gal. After all, you won’t ask a girl you meet on the subway if you haven’t caught a glimpse of how curvaceous her ass is. Or how you like the glint of her curly eyelashes, or even the sight of her attractive auburn hair. Photos speak way more mysteriously than a Mona Lisa portrait — especially if they belong to strangers.

Guys Are Visual

Guideline Number One is to never date someone who hasn’t placed a photo in her profile. This is the Visual Age (as it has always been) so no matter how much Adobe Photoshop retouching has been done to a butt-ugly missus’ photo, it’s still way better than none at all. The bottom line is that you got to have an idea of how she looks like and it will always be up to you whether you’d be happy to go cellulite-hugging or fugly-kissing anytime of the day. As things always spiral down to a happy ending, if she shows her butt in the photo, it would be a hell lot better for both of you.

Ladies Intuit

I don’t know if it works with girls, but I know a woman named Cindy who doesn’t look at a guy’s face to tell if he’s a hot number or not. She can always tell by intuition. Guys aren’t so smart at this. They talk on the mobile and convince the lady she’s going out with a nice dork, only to realize she comes around with a boyfriend that looks like he’s got a nine-inch nail. Profile photos can really trick you, so ask the girls how to learn to intuit whether someone is a gravy date or not. But I’d stick to the guideline, if I were you.
Sunday, May 6. 2007