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diabetes blogging health blogging
sample: diabetes health blogging

sample: diabetes health blogging

diabetes blogging health blogging
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Too Much Piddle Can Kill
The first time I heard the term “polyuria," I wasn’t scared. I felt that it was a little too tame a name for something that keeps a person occupied with his bodily fluids 24/7. When I was doing interviews with people who had diabetic symptoms back in New Orleans, the word itself struck fear among the patients. Imagine visiting the omnipresent public bathroom every 15 minutes or so, pissing a saucerful, and then going to the kitchen to get something to drink. Polyuria and polydipsia go together.

Loss Of Calcium

There was one patient that actually fell on the floor one time and just writhed. I imagined it was a possible episode of epilepsy, but it wasn’t. The loss of calcium resulted in his violent spasms. The scary thing about this urinating excessively is that it causes a disturbance in the body chemistry. This symptom, along with excessive drinking, springs from the brain, the kidneys, and the fluids in the body. It may begin from as early as infancy.

Whence Polyuria

A person who is urinating excessively has compounds in the bodily fluid that causes this nonstop release of water. Also, if there is any disease in the kidney, there is loss of control over the fluid release. The pituitary gland in the brain controls the urine flow from the kidneys – but polyuria destroys this ability to control the urinary tendencies. My brother once joked that if anyone among us suffers from polyuria, there should always be a constant supply of diapers in the backpack.
Tuesday, May 1. 2007