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entertainment blogging tv blogging sample
sample: entertainment blogging, tv blogging

sample: entertainment blogging, tv blogging

entertainment blogging tv blogging sample
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Nip Tuck Fourth Season
Plastic enhancements aside, I still vote for Nip/Tuck as the most groundbreaking national manifestation of our obsession to be physical. That confusing to you? Take that as a hint on this hit TV show’s Season 4 episodes. Guests will come and go, and although I don’t follow the episodes strictly as I do my nightly regimen of drinking black coffee, I still find the new cast a little far out. Why not? If you got ‘em Brooke Shields, Rosie O’ Donnell, Peter Dinklage, and Catherine Deneuve in the list, what more could you ask!

Catherine Deneuve Plays Widow Character

You don’t want to know what’s going to happen. But oops, my lips aren’t sealed so here goes the story: Catherine Deneuve, the French diva, will perform the part of the widow who gets her breasts enhanced! (Hey, that’s not the story). Duh? So what is so unusual about this? Her character will insist to the doctor to instill the ashes in the silicone so her husband
would eternally be near her bosom! Take that as the New Age of Literalism.

Brooke Shields Becomes a Nympho

Peter Dinklage plays the baby’s night nurse role when he was the former Station Agent, and Rosie O’ Donnell has been keeping things under wraps as to what scene she will be guesting on. Brooke Shields will be the mad scientist — er, psychiatrist, who is secretly burning for her patient Dr Troy. Apparently she is an obssessed nymphomaniac herself and Christian is sensing he may not be the bachelor that he really is (talk about identity crisis. I thought we’re only going to be physical here!). But hey, it’s Nip/Tuck, so don’t wonder anymore.
Saturday, May 5. 2007