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recipe blogging sample exotic food blogging
sample: exotic food blogging, recipe blogging

sample: exotic food blogging, recipe blogging

recipe blogging sample exotic food blogging
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Polipetti in Salsa di Pomodoro
The secret to a mouth-watering (and highly digestible) octopus dish is the length of its cooking time. The meat of octopus is not really tender enough for chewing, so we have to allow more time to cook them overlow heat, simmer, and then cook for more until they become soft enough to the the bite. Also, the octopus, since it comes from the sea, has a strange fishy smell, so it must be rinsed well. If you read the Sopranos Cookbook, you probably have a fair idea of how Polipetti recipe is whipped up. It’s a Neopolitan sea dish known for its tangy taste.

Polipetti Ingredients

2 lbs of baby octopus or about 6 pcs
2 cups of tomatoes peeled, chopped
1/4 cp of olive oil
1/4 cp of parsley, flat leaf, chopped
2 pcs chopped cloves garlic, large
red pepper
6-12 friselle (also slices of Italian bread, toasted)

Polipetti Cooking Instructions

Polipetti in Italian means many little tentacles – which we cannot eat unless we remove the beaks on the end of each of them. First, combine all the main ingredients: the baby octopus, the tomatoes, oil, parsley, garlic, the pinched red pepper, with some salt to add flavor. As soon as the sauce comes to a boil, lower the heat and let it simmer for about 45 minutes. Stir this polipetti sauce mixture occasionally. Then, remove the cover and let it simmer again for another 15 minutes. Pierce it with a fork or knife to see if the octopus meat is tender enough or if the polipetti sauce is already thick. Place the cooked sauce on the softened friselle on six plates. Top the Polipetti dish with the baby octopus sauce and a pinch of parsley.
Monday, April 30. 2007