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Tony Hawk Project 8 Screenshots
Tony Hawk’s just the regular guy who kicks up a couple of skateboarding tricks each time. From his Project 8 screenshots though, you could tell though that it was just more than the cruising style — but the variety of stylishly animated backgrounds and the experience of “being there” as a player because of the realistic attributes. The Project 8 screenshots found at could very well spell the difference between a commercial success on this new Tony Hawk adventure or a flop, so go check ‘em and judge ‘em yourself.

Checking Out the Screenshots

As for me, there’s no other skateboarding game more noteworthy. Although little has been said of this upcoming Tony Hawk release, my X-box console holding fingers are already crossed. I want Tony Hawk to come out as a hit as badly as I want to get a grip of the mouth-watering Project 8 screenshots. I’m sure my comrades, who are less of fans than I am, would look at me as though I just swallowed a flying lizard. They didn’t think Tony Hawk was doing great acts.

Coming in November

But the screenshots prove otherwise. Project 8 won’t be released until November, but the facelift has been rumored to be as engaging as any. The skating environment could now be morphed according to the player’s will. For example, the buses and rails could be arranged and repositioned, there will no longer be load tunnels, and all of these with the help of the hammer icon. There’s also the existence of the new flip trick called “Nail the Trick”. So far, if you’re lucky and skillful enough, you just might progress from Am to Pro to Sick levels in no time.
Saturday, May 5. 2007