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Tomatillos Garden Food
I’ve never known how to cook a tomatillo jam until I grew a shrublike plant with yellow flowers and thick-husked fruits. They are more often called ground cherries. Lots of gardeners in Texas (of various zones) dote on the tomatillo because these edible flower-fruits reseed like hell they don’t have difficult time planting them. Another is that these tomatillos have been good sources of Vitamin C like any citrus fruit. So far, I’ve collected recipes which allows me to include the tomatillo in the meal.

Mexican Dishes

For instance, I’ve tried salsa. There’s no doubt that only in salsa will you be able to exploit the real taste of the tangy sweetness tomatillo. There are species that taste like pineapple. Some like to put the Aunt Molly variety into various chili recipes and jams. My cousin never thought it’s possible to feed humans with tomatillos but he’s done some experiment with the chickens in the backyard. As long as it’s warm and sunny, there will always be tomatillos in the garden.

Salsa and Chili Recipes

The sauce made of tomatillo, mixed with onions, olive oil, jalapeno, oregano, chili, beans, cilantro, chicken stock, and also lime juice makes for a really savory chicken stew. I’m sure no one likes to eat ground cherries stewed in a hot weather, but wait till the end of fall arrives. With a tomatillo in your garden, you don’t have to visit Mexican restaurants each time you’re craving for salsa and chili. A pureed version of the tomatillo salsa also makes for an amazing bowl of tortilla snack dips.
Thursday, May 3. 2007