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Vasectomy Reversal: When Being Childless Is Not Good Enough

An awful situation occurs when a man who has had a vasectomy suddenly finds himself wanting children for certain reasons. This is a critical issue among men, and frightening at best, because vasectomy reversal has a low success rate. Most men who wanted to have their sperms back would find this is no longer possible. Well, before vasectomy at least you will be given an option to have your sperms cryogenically preserved, that is, if you wish to have children in the future. However, statistics have shown that frozen sperms cannot endure this type of preservation. That is why vasectomy is such a debatable issue, for you and your partner. You must deliberate the pros and cons before undergoing it, and if you already did, the reversal of the surgery deserves the same second thought.

Vasectomy is performed by first applying anesthesia to the scrotum, then cutting the vas deferens (the tube where sperms pass to reach the testicles) and sealing it by cauterization, suture stitches or miniature clamps, thereby rendering a man sterile. To reverse this process can be tough, since it must be done as quickly as possible; otherwise the body will produce antibodies that will assail the sperm cells and lower their count. Another problem is that the surgeons may find the vas deferens impossible to attach anymore. This could lead to disappointment and a waste of money. Vasectomy reversal can be so expensive – the surgeons who perform it are high-fee specialists and the cost of the surgery can be overwhelming – amounting to 10,000 US dollars on the average.

To undergo vasectomy reversal is a matter of prudent choice for a man who still wishes to be fertile one way or another. First he must question himself whether the expense was worth it. You can have your vas deferens cut cheaply but you can never bring it back at the same cost. Ponder about your certainty on vasectomy, but when you had it done, and decided you must have it reversed, the odds are you will arrive at a frustrating cul-de-sac.