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sample hotel and travel blogging trip blogging
sample: hotel and travel blogging

sample: hotel and travel blogging

sample hotel and travel blogging trip blogging
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Kona Belle Vue Bed and Breakfast
The only thing I hated about Kealakekua Bay is the way it is pronounced. Otherwise, I would live for the parasailing sessions, right in the heart of the Bay, at Captain Cook’s monument. I think the nearest comfort you’ll ever get to when you’re done snorkeling and hiking is to sleep with a fluffy pillow and a nice, cozy bed at Kona Belle Vue Bed and Breakfast. The price of the rent for a 4-day tour at Kealakekua isn’t so steep. It won’t be hard on the budget if you were to revel at this tropical Hawaiian city only once a year, as I do.

What to Do at Kealakekua

I did what my friends had pushed me into doing. Ok, call me a landlubber, but I don’t favor the back-breaking hiking sessions a lot. Instead, I don my snorkeling gear and make sure I had some companions which will guide me around the Captain Cook monument. At the end of the day, when I can’t snorkel anymore, I just enjoy the view at Kona Belle B&B. There’s an entire mass of land covered with coffee and other tropical fruits I barely see in the mainland US. Alone, I’d take the much-hyped Orchid Suite. With my friends, the space should always be bigger, so we occupy the Rose Suite.

On Horseback and Windsurfing

Now, this is the understated part. The Kealakekua Bay can also be toured on horseback. I hadn’t planned on this, nor the sun-drenched morning hike, but the staff at Kona Belle B&B had egged me into trying out the other more strenuous pursuits. After half an hour down the dirtroad (of some obscure name I couldn’t even pronounce), I gave up and escaped. I rented wind surfing equipment with some dude who also rented a suite at Kona Belle B&B. We spotted spinning dolphins along the way.
Sunday, May 6. 2007