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Comparing Car Rates and Quotes
With the kind of driving record that Matt (my buddy) possesses, I doubt that he’d be lucky enough to find the best rates. Well, of course, some insurance companies give leeway to drivers who have bad records, but this comes with another price tag too. I told you it’s a big headache. I told him, “Why don’t you go check out The best quotes and rates could be found here. If you find a nice deal, lemme check the figures for you.” Then of course, he’d have to buy insurance only from a company with an A rating, because they are the ones who really pay.

Factors to Consider

That’s just about as far as I went. Basically, you will find the best insurance rating if know how to take care of your well-traveled Land Rover. For example, you live in a place where your car is less likely to get bumped by a 10-wheeler. It matters whether you’re a sedate 40-year old dude or a 25-year old drag racer. Sometimes, women get better rates than men, because they drive less aggressively. As for Matt, his main problem is his driving history and his car. It looks like a battered lemon now.
Saturday, April 28. 2007