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computer blogging samples internet news blogging
sample: internet news blogging, computer blogging

sample: internet news blogging, computer blogging

computer blogging samples internet news blogging
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NYC Wireless Unhooks New York Computers
It’s reasonable enough: We pay for cheap broadband access, or we use the internet almost anywhere in the state of New York. Maybe even at Central Park, while feeding the pigeons. At least, this is what I’ve acquired from the latest Apple Podcast brought to us by no other than Dana Spiegel, a wifi buff like anyone of us, and the high chief of NYC Wireless. Basically, the project will examine the state of broadband in NYC and the possibility of setting up wireless hotspots everywhere.

Project Wifi4NY

There had been news of the same endeavors in Santa Clarita, California, but so far, the NYC is the first to break ground. This July alone, there will be meetings held for all the volunteers whose agenda is to follow through a pilot project called Wifi4NY. Led by Andrew Rasiej, the event aims to begin doling out free routers at East Village. People in the neighborhood will be asked about their opinion on this, the technical matters will be tackled, and the group will have to address the number of routers that would be needed to make East Village virtually wireless.

From Brooklyn to Bronx

These high-tech volunteers are out to do their jobs for the day. NYC Wireless is non-profit, and most other volunteers would set up wifi hotspots at cafes, day care centers, and restaurants from Brooklyn to Bronx in order to let New Yorkers know how wifi has been changing the way people are doing business and communicating. Is this the end of broadband? At about the same time I’m writing this, elsewhere in the US, a great number of residents are still getting internet access from dial-up. How ironic.
Sunday, May 6. 2007