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sample: interviews, community news, society articles, interview articles, personality articles

sample: interviews, community news, society articles, interview articles, personality articles

community news interview articles personality articles sample: interviews Society Articles
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Brookdale Living

Posted by newsletterteam on March 28, 2009
Although not having many close friends contributes to poorer health for many older adults, those who also feel lonely face even greater health risks, research at the University of Chicago suggests.

The study called “Social Disconnectedness, Perceived Isolation and Health Among Older Adults,” was published in the March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, a quarterly journal of the American Sociological Association.

“For some older adults, a shrinking circle of friends and family can lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation. Our findings suggest that those who adapt to losses so that they don’t feel isolated fare better with respect to both physical and mental health,” the study reveals.

We are lucky, because our elderly folks in Wichita Falls don’t have to suffer the poor health caused by loneliness and isolation. The Brookdale Living understands this concept. “Our days are always busy,” says Betsi Moore Lujan, Executive Director of Brookdale Living, a Wichita Falls business focused on Assisted Living for the Retirement age. “We have active Residents and the staff attends to their needs and wishes. They may go on an outing to the hockey game or might be outside planting flowers when the weather is nice. Meals are served three times a day and exercise class is held also on a daily basis.”

If you think that senior citizens in retirement homes are living a cookie-cutter life, think again. At Brookdale Living, they are encouraged to pursue their artistic inclinations too. “One of our Residents, Leon Gibbs is an accomplished Violinist and recently held a mini concert here at the Community. He will play for the Residents at different times and tells stories about traveling with his band and the adventures that they had.”

“It is incredibly important for everyone to remember that this is our Resident’s home. We set the mood for their day and we have the ability to brighten their day and make it better. You have to have heart to work in this environment and a desire to bring sunshine to people’s lives.”

The Brookdale Sterling House of Wichita Falls has been serving our senior folks since 1997. It is located at 918 Midwestern Parkway and can be contacted at 940-322-0918. To find out what’s happening at Brookdale Living, see their calendar of events/newsletter. Those who wish to learn more about this dedicated Wichita Falls business can request for information by clicking here.

Specialty Nurses

Posted by newsletterteam on March 17, 2009

Specialty Nurses, one of the 60 ANGMAR Medical Holdings, Inc. team of home health agencies nationwide, is well-known throughout north central Texas as an exceptional home health care agency for seniors. Many of their patients live right here in Wichita County.

“We understand the vital need for quality healthcare for seniors with limited mobility or transportation,” says Connie O’Malley, RN, Administrator for Specialty Nurses. “Our professional nursing staff and exceptional standards have catapulted our team of agencies to rank among the top 12 agencies in the U.S.”

The skilled nursing staff of Specialty Nurses provides elderly patients with appropriate therapy prescribed by their physician, as well as tools and education necessary to manage and understand the scope of their illness. Their disease management programs are extensive and are also covered by 100% by Medicare. The Specialty Nurses Alzheimer’s Care program, the first of its kind, assists the patient as well as the extreme issues of the caregiver. Other programs include Diabetes Management, Hypertension, Wound Care, CHF, COPD, Stroke/TBI and Parkinsons.

“We also regularly conduct free seminars on a variety of ailments and issues that concern our seniors,” adds Ms. O’Malley. “It is not unusual for Specialty Nurses employees to be seen out and about in our community, sponsoring food and toy drives, administering flu shots or hosting a free Health Fair for senior citizens. We truly are a full service home health agency that deeply cares about our community.”

If a patient is being discharged from the hospital and will require home health, the law requires the discharge nurse provide that patient with a list of home health care agencies that can best serve the patients needs. O’Malley understands how confusing the process of choosing the right agency can be. In addition to their highly skilled professionals, she adds, “our high moral and ethical values continue to position us as one of the most requested home health providers in our community,” she says. “We’re very proud of that. We also are genuinely connected to our patients. That provides great piece of mind to the family members, who are often the ones making the decision about who will be caring for their loved one.”

Specialty Nurses has three offices in Wichita Falls, Vernon and Bowie. For more information or to inquire about Specialty Nurses Disease Management Programs for you or a loved one, call 940-322-1391 or visit their website at

Pet Housecalls

Posted by newsletterteam on February 21, 2009

When asked by the WFBB Newsletter Team about what sets Pet Housecalls apart from other Wichita Falls businesses of its kind, they said: “We are Wichita Falls’ only mobile veterinary clinic.” You heard it right! This generation’s buzzword is “mobility”. The Pet Housecalls is an innovative, mobile way of providing convenient, personalized treatment by “bringing the vet to the pet”. Pet owners know how important this is to ailing animals who should be nursed without the stress of travel or commute.

The Pet Housecalls only checks your pet upon setting an appointment, so you avoid the hassle of waiting in line. The mobile pet clinic is housed in a unique vehicle that has its mobile x-ray and processor,anesthesia machine, and other first class vet equipment so animals can be cared for in the comfort of your own home.

If you happen to set an appointment with the Pet Housecalls in Wichita Falls, make sure you ask about their newest Red Dingo line of pet ID tags. These tags are solid stainless steel, offered with engraving, and available in many unique designs and colors. They also come in multiple sizes so you can get just the right one for your pet.

This pet-friendly Wichita Falls business was established in 2006 by Dr. Chris Brogden. It provides veterinary services to your beloved animals at your home, which include vaccinations, dentistry, diagnostic medical testing and treatment, euthanasia, and prescriptions services. You can set up an appointment with Pet Housecalls by calling 940-733-9078 or filling up a form online.