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Investing On Apartment Property
I took a long view down one splendid apartment’s window and I saw nothing but big opportunities. Oh, also a lot of great investment ideas for real estate and some brown dog poop down the sidewalk. I’ve been debating whether this apartment is going to be a dinosaur of an investment for me, or whether I’m leading myself into a pit where there is no exit when I go bankrupt. Damn, this is one hell of a decisive moment. I’m a realtor with no exact game plan here – but my light bulb is on.

Purchasing Strategies

I could hear an aunt, who is a broker, telling me: “You should network with other brokers like me. We can give you the best ideas that would turn a creek into a condo.” Buying this apartment? Nah. Yes, okay, I’m thinking. I was supposed to consider my age, the risks that I’m willing to accept, the goals that I’m trying to accomplish, and my exit strategy in case my plans stink. Am I after the cash flow, security, or depreciation? Am I buying this apartment for long-term profits? Can I actually keep this apartment profitable without the tax hassles?

Property Analysis Tool

Another broker from Maryland advised me to be very, very sure of the apartment before I actually buy it. Numbers don’t cover the whole essence of the deal. He even asked me to input the data into a free property analysis tool, which calculates real estate cap rate, yield, gross rent margin, cash flow (before and after tax), and rate of return, among other things. I keep walking around asking, do I know the vacancy rates, the rent, expenses, and property appreciation rates? This would be a good time to mull over.
Tuesday, April 24. 2007