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sofware download blogging
sample: sofware download blogging

sample: sofware download blogging

sofware download blogging
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Product Description

Netzero for Dial Up Users

I’ve been mulling over the idea of getting me a bloody cheap but fast internet access accelerator. It won’t be exactly made for faster download but it could be a lot less troublesome compared to the real thing. For example, you can buy a premium brand of download accelerator for $35. A simple internet access accelerator can cost only $10. I’m thinking about Netzero ’cause I’ve been hearing about it from friends who are dial-up users.

Netzero Features

Exactly what are we getting from Netzero? Actually, you can get the same speed when surfing with Netzero platinum, and it costs only half the price of the leading brands such as Speedbit. You get a MegaMail feature with 25mb storage capacity. If you are not a Linux user, you’d most probably appreciate Netzero with its popup blocker feature. The Netzero software is free. The best thing I like about this is that I only need to sign up for the service – without asking for credit card information.

Alternative Download Accelerator

Netzero is for dial-up users. If I sign up, I get 10 hours of free internet access. All I really have to do is download the Installer. Clicking it would install the Netzero Hispeed. Now what happens to my downloads? Simply put, Netzero doesn’t equal your regular download accelerator’s potential for high speed downloading. But it’s good alternative, especially for those who could not avail of broadband access in their area. This is the next best thing to quality web surfing and downloading files.

Sunday, April 29. 2007