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Betting Genius – ver. 3.0

When I learned about this software, I gave my sportsbook a run for the money. For one, I’ve been able to know more about what and how I would bet on my favorite hockey and basketball games. Tracking stats is a real big deal in betting. Betting Genius software has become like my Genie that tells me who to bet for in the next NBA match. Accuracy is good, but of course, if you’ve been betting for quite a time in your life, you realize that it takes a lot more intuition too!

This software is just as intuitive. It mixes and matches team data so you don’t get lost in a mire of numbers. It helps make me manage my money well, so I don’t run out of betting options too. Stable software, nice concept on this one.

MP3 Galaxy – ver. 1.18

Once you install this program, your music world will never be the same again. MP3 suckers won’t be any happier. Because it supports P2P sharing, it easily connects with major networks such as Limewire and MOrpheus, Morpheus!! And when we’re talking of these giant p2p netwroks, it means almost an infinite amount of tracks in just one sitting.

The only caveat here is that if you get this software, you’d most likely feel like buying a download accelerator, too. If not, the time it takes to download all of the media files you intend to burn can take forever. So be prepared to hack up a few more bills to speed up your connection, or else!

100xCD – ver. 2.7

Forget scrimping on a cd drive accelerator. If you got something that stores on cache all the frequently-played files on your cd drive, you can rest assured that it will fun a hundred times faster than before. That’s where 100xCD – version 2.7 comes in. What happens is that this software stores the frequently-played files into a cache in your hard disk — it holds a tremendous amount of memory!! This is such a crowd-pleaser, and it’s freeware.

A great program to boost the performance of your CD driove. If there’s anything that this software has missed, I don’t know about it! We can’t complain about anything because it costs zero bucks for a nifty cd drive boost.

Turbine Video Encoder – ver. 2.0

This video encoding software is awesome! I’m sure there are more groundbreaking video editing programs out there, but this one definitely hits the mark. It’s flexible enough to allow you to express your creativity without sacrificing on the quality of broadcast images. The Flash format makes it easy for you to just let your videos fly without having to worry about codec and stuff.

You can protect your video by instilling your brand and watermarking it. You can also put some frills with the Flash animations under its belt. I am a real fan of this software. The audio mxing feature is just outstanding! I highly recommend this to video editors who like to impress their clients with a feature or two present in this package.

Counter Spy – ver. 1.0.26

Have you ever lost your precious computer’s capacity to act normal like a dude with an Alzheimer’s? Don’t blame yourself with too much internet use, because spywares are inevitable demons of being online. Maybe check out freeware or shareware that gets rid of spyware. I like this Counter Spy software myself. It’s no perfect spyware killer, by all means, but it’s definitely efficient. There’s a stand-alone version as well as the enterprise version. Pick your package and I’m sure you’ll adopt it as a tool to get rid of those viruses!

Invoice2go – ver. 2

This is a software that exploits the possibilities of creating business documents without having to hire an accountant to do the job. It makes things easy for the regular business owner so I can really call this revolutionary.

Buying this software takes you one step ahead of your business competitors. Since it does all the document handling, you’re free to do other tasks that require your time and skill. Invoice2go is shareware so you can still avail of the demo version. However, at at rather steep price, you’d probably think twice about buying it, but buying it altogether assures you of a worthwhile business investment.

Link Checker Pro – ver. 3.3.11

Most online merchants and organizations rely on a collection of links for advertisements as well as site promotions. However, links do fall into certain troubles that result in them being no longer usable. When this happens to busunesses, potential customers get lost in a muddle of broken and useless links, instead of being directed to the business’ site. Link Checker Pro does the job of repairing these broken links as well as maintaining the domain link in its good condition. This is topnotch program that has advanced features you will find extremely helpful, especially if you own a a business or any site that has a great traffic potential.

RegRepair 2000 – ver. 4.0.04

What exactly does the RegRepair software do? For those who keep on getting errors each time their computers boot, they need to clean the Registry by repairing the IOS errors. This software handles the job and corrects the ugly mess that installing and uninstalling new software does to your computer.
Perhaps the best thing about this spoftware is that it makes your computer crash less often, and sometimes never. Quite an awesome tool for maintaining the smooth operation of your computers if you use them in the business. The price is also reasonable for a very functional computer maintenance program.