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Product Description

Project Description, Free Consultation, Quote

Just give us a quick description of your project goal, estimated deadline, and any specific instructions. For example, if you have a specific word count or keywords that you want us to use for your SEO project, then we will make sure those are noted. Give us an estimated budget and we will give you a quote.

The Negotiation Process

Although most content writing and editing projects are within the standard industry rates, at Mai Tai Media there is an opportunity to negotiate. For example, if you require bulk writing with only a small amount of research, we may charge below the average rate, or write a couple extra articles for free. If the writing is research-intensive or needs to be finished overnight, we may charge a higher fee. Generally, the rates of editing and web design projects are more stable.

Contract, Deadline, Payment Scheme

Once agreement is made, we will send you a simple contract that describes the project, how much time is involved, how it will be accomplished, and how much it will cost. When the contract is signed (emailed or faxed), we can start the ball rolling! Mai Tai Media accepts payment via Paypal, check, or direct deposit.

Quality Check, Revisions, Final Output

You can review the output twice. If you find errors or any items that need to be fixed in the project, please let us know ASAP. We will revise the second draft for free, if you're not completely satisfied with the first one.The final output will be delivered upon or before the estimated project deadline.

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