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Showcase your business.
There is nothing more impressive to your customers than a website or a marketing material with well-written content. If you don't have the time or expertise to create compelling copy, leave it to us to do the job.

Reach your customers faster.
The fastest way to reach your customers online is through email marketing or Search Engine Optimization. At Mai Tai Media, we have eight years of experience (and counting!)  in creating engaging SEO content. We use relevant keywords to make your business stand out in the search engines. Email marketing is also our forte.

Sell more. Efficiently.

Products or services in your catalog without description won't do much to bring in sales to your business. To make more revenue, we create the right copy, proofread and edited to your satisfaction.

Build your brand.
Marketing online is fraught with competition. If your business is interested in building a brand apart from making profit, we know social media. We understand how businesses build their reputation online. We also know that in this Information Age, whatever is published on the web will likely dictate the success or failure of your business.

Make it to the top -- beat your competition!
With the right online marketing techniques, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Great graphic design is not enough. Online, "content is king" and it is not cliche. Search engines crawl through websites that have more relevant and updated text and images. This is where our expertise comes in.

Don't pay extra -- we're freelance!
Unlike corporations, you don't need to pay extra on taxes for freelancers like us. We just give you a quote that you can afford. No hidden charges, no questions asked.

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