A time to absorb

I get really nostalgic when it rains. For some reason, rain reminds me of when I was a pre-teen, huddled in my blanket reading books while it's pouring outside. It also reminds me of when I used to type poems (with an old typewriter that I borrowed from my aunt) when it was stormy and there was nothing else to do. Rain is a writer's natural friend.

Because honestly, as much as I love writing, I also love the outdoors. On a warm day, I would be outside taking a walk, riding my bike, or going for a road trip with my husband. Not in front of my computer trying to beat the deadlines!

As much as I love the outflow of writing, I also love the osmosis of rain. It's a time to absorb. It's a time to hug the blankets and read a good book. It hasn't rained here in a long time. It hasn't felt this nostalgic in a long time.