Writing on the go? Fix the run-on sentences

It would take a while for me to go through the whole thing because honestly this is not the type of stuff I would listen to even when the author is talking it just sounds like nonstop chatter to me and I'm not exaggerating but when you write could you please put a little pause here and there so that I can catch my breath while reading your run-on sentences? Whew!

Did that get your nerves riled up?

I know, I know. The editor in me just couldn't stop wondering what's going on in this article. Better yet, I couldn't go on. Here's a snippet:

Another site is Cardpool.com  they offer a similar service as Plasticjungle.com and it's the same thing, you can buy gift cards for up to 35% off the face value. Cardpool.com seems to have more of a selection of gift cards to buy. When I need to buy something, I will check out both sites to see which one has better deals, or which site may have the card I want buy in stock.

Both sites offer traditional gift cards and they will mail them to you for free or you can get electronic gift cards. It depends on what they have to offer, and if you want to shop online or at the store. With an electronic gift card, if you are planning on shopping online, you can use it much faster since you will receive it in the form of a coupon code via your email address. If you are giving the gift card as a present, you might want to buy a gift card versus an ecard. Granted, you will have to wait about a week to get the card, but at least you can give that person a gift card versus a piece of paper.

Here is one more tip if you go to Plasticjungle.com or Cardpool.com, first head over to  Topcashback.com . You can get money back just for going from the Topcashback.com website to the merchants you want to shop at websites. Of course they have to be listed on Topcashback.com as a merchant. How much cash you get back depends on what they are offering.
Source: ABC15.com

Sometimes I use a dictation app when I'm in on the go and can't write something down. But when it comes to putting everything in print (or even online), I have to edit. It's the only way to preserve my sanity and the propriety of our language.

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