A day in the life of amateurs

I was one who used to look at an editor as someone who went to school to destroy my writing. I had once a fight with a so-called news editor in college. We had an exchange of words after I marked our entire college paper with what I thought were glaring mistakes. He called me in and we discussed. Long and intense, as though our lives depended on how we can prove ourselves right against each other. I have never had such an absurd debate about things that were so stupidly obvious, he or the rest of his staff could not even figure out. Example: The sun sets in the east. Oh really? When did that happen? And so on and so forth.

Glad to let you know that after I gave him "lots of pieces" of my mind, I still got the last laugh. He invited me to become one of the editorial staff.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I did not have any intention of being an editor back then. In fact, I hated editing. Now I'm a proponent of it. I realize how much crap is being published online that I couldn't even sit for five seconds before I want to get up and say I'm done. Editing is such a vital process in any publication, whether online or offline, that if you thought you have written everything right, you should think again. Of course, unlike my other colleagues, I plan to be more considerate with your feelings.