Does your website have what it takes for the holidays?

How do you grab budget-conscious online shoppers? Surveys tell great insights.
Got an ecommerce site? Then you’ve got an edge: When asked where they planned to shop this year, 75 percent of respondents said “online retailers.” By comparison, just 49 percent mentioned department stores, and 41 percent said they’ll shop with local independent retailers.

Even if you don’t have an ecommerce site, you can use local search to give your retail store an edge. A whopping 88 percent of shoppers say they’ll stick to their budgets this year by going online to research products and pricing before they buy their holiday gifts.

Make sure your store is listed on local search directories, on ratings and review sites, and that you use relevant keywords on your website so it comes up in the results when potential customers search for products you sell. You might even want to consider taking out online ads such as pay-per-click or Facebook ads to direct local customers to your store.
(Source: Network Solutions blog)

Websites for Texas says:

Since this article was published in October, there was no telling that Cyber Monday turned out to be the biggest blockbuster in online shopping. Indeed, a lot of people are getting smarter when it comes to grabbing deals online. Free shipping is probably the most important factor. For those who only offer online services, discounts matter. If you're a local small business owner, you have an even better luck. We are so positive that online shopping and online hiring will grow exponentially in the next few years. Online shopping is just becoming more popular especially now that mobile devices are ubiquitous.