Getting online is not just for the young: How to reach out to older consumers

They say if you want to make money in business, you have to cater to the crowd that has the dough. Duh?! Does the same thing work when you market on the Internet? Apparently yes. Even though advertisers commonly look to the hip, young crowd as target for consumer purchases, it's not surprising that surveys now reveal that trying to sell to the older crowd actually yields more profit.

It's just we tend to think that the younger crowd are more in tune with the changing consumer trends, are more likely to buy on impulse, and are ambitious enough to upgrade their lifestyles. Whereas the older crowd are more sagacious on investing the money they earn.

As Texas small business owners, how do we reach out to consumers over fifty? Here are simple tips:

1. Get a mobile website. If you don't own a mobile website yet, you're not running fast enough. More and more older people are owning iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, Droids, and all kinds of mobile devices. Having a mobile website enables you to sell to them using contextual ads and easy interfaces.

2. Use Facebook. For as long as it's popular, Facebook is still a great way to reach out to older people who use them. The latter may not be keen enough to notice the subtle ad campaigns, but hey, the fact that they're getting online to connect is a good sign.

3. Write for their cause. If you own blogs or write informative articles in your website, you should consider including your grandparents as readers. They too, have the right to understand how your business works and how your products/services will work for them.

For small business owners who have  yet to master the art of online marketing, this is a good start. Businesses in Texas such as wellness centers, real estate firms, golf courses, travel agents, opthalmologists, and pet suppliers, among a few, can start generating more profit if they consider older consumers as part of their target audience.