Factors that affect your Adwords rank--and your marketing strategy

"Fortune favors the bold."

It may surprise you to know, that despite all the money you spend on Adwords bidding, your ad may or may still not make it to the top spot on search results. The reason is, there are several factors that affect the rank of your ad. Some of them include the relevancy of your keywords, and even the type of device that people use to search for your products or services.

So, if I went to Google and searched for "LA tourist attractions" I get the following result.

Note that this was done on a desktop computer. On my tablet, here's what came up:

A variation on Nexus 7, which allows you to search on Desktop mode in your tablet, looks like this.

I used these keywords mainly because in one of my projects, this is a low-competition, highly-searched item. As you can see, hardly any ads were displayed, and the biggest bids (or most frequent ads to show) is from DiscoverLosAngeles.com

Additionally, Google states that every result on the search page is different from the one before, because Ad rankings change, competitions change, and the auction process begins all over again.

Here's another interesting point. See how the exact matches of your keywords are highlighted in bold? This is subjective form of advertisement but works well. Without us knowing it consciously, we click on links that look brighter, bigger to us.

So how does this affect your internet marketing strategies? Adwords, just like any form of advertising is a game of chance. It's like playing the stock market or just praying hard to the God of Luck. Basically, you do your best to win, you learn your game well, and at the right time and place, your customers see your ads. Then they click.