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One of the funny things about photography sessions is that you never know what to expect.

I arrived at Permian Park in Burk at about 10 minutes before 5 pm. Shelby and I both agreed it was a good idea (upon my suggestion) to do our photoshoot at least when the sun is a little lower so the ambiance is mellow. But it turned out to be quite cloudy and gray. 

The other funny thing, and you should always be professional and straight up about this, is that you need to take care of business so you're not uncomfortable during the entire session. So as soon as I got to the location I just had to go to the restroom because my bladder was about to burst. I drank coffee earlier.

I was able to scout the place and find a few nice spots on my way around the park and in search of a bathroom. I was not lucky to find one. Finally, Shelby and family arrived and we chatted a little bit at the gazebo. After a few pleasantries and signing documents, we went ahead.

Thankfully, she told me there was a restroom at a gas station a block away so I excused myself. The kids were already restless.

When I got back after about 10 minutes, we started at the bridge. It was a pretty park, with lots of trees and not very crowded. While I directed them a few poses and walks here and there, the kids stole the show. A line of trees that looked like an arch, a flat grassy area with a view of the lake. While I really wanted to show the fountain as part of the background, there were cars lined up and people walking here and there. So I just used my 50mm prime in order to create a nice crystalline bokeh.

I brought a small quilt for sitting in the grass. Then we had a few more solo shots of the children, a three year old boy and a one year old girl. 

Our last shots were taken at the back of the park by the amphitheater. We packed up at about 6:15 pm.

Overall, the photography session with Shelby's family was great. As soon as I checked the RAW photos when I got home via Canon DPP software, some issues came up.

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1. Blinking
2. Looking elsewhere
3. Kids running around
4. Hair in the face
5. Personalities

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